Our boat

Hunstanton lifeboat “Spirit of West Norfolk” - Atlantic 85

Hunstanton lifeboat “Spirit of West Norfolk”

As we are some way from the sea here in Milton Keynes we have adopted a coastal station. We aim to raise as much money has possible so that the station and crew can continue their life saving work.

Our station is the Hunstanton lifeboat station in Norfolk. It has seen several different types of rescue craft during its history. It saw the RNLI’s first motor tractor and today it operates an inshore B class Atlantic 85 lifeboat and one of only four inshore rescue hovercraft.

Facts and figures from 2012

Hunstanton Flyer (Civil Service No.45)

Hunstanton Flyer

  • They had 38 call-outs in 2012. An equal split of 19 each between both the Hunstanton Flyer and the Spirit of West Norfolk.
  • 10 services were in darkness and 1 in wind force 7.
  • 16 were to vessels of some description with 1 of these being a medevac from a fishing vessel.
  • 22 to persons cut off by the tide or in the water or missing persons.
  • 10 people were rescued by the Spirit and 9 by the Flyer.
  • Hunstanton crews spent 175.05 hrs at sea on service, and 110.96 hrs at sea on exercise. Total hours at sea 286.01 hrs.
Hunstanton lifeboat station, Sea Lane, Old Hunstanton, Norfolk PE36 6JN
Telephone 01485 532597

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