RNLI Hovercraft aids Lady and 5 dogs – 21 June 2017


At 2.45pm UK Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton RNLI Hovercraft to assist one person out walking with 5 dogs cut off by the tide at Titchwell marsh.

On arrival at Titchwell the crew liaised with the local coastguard response team, and were informed that the person with 5 dogs was now with the coastguards, and was not in any danger.  As the hovercraft had reached the area it was decided to evacuate her and the dogs back to Brancaster and she was landed on the beach by the Clubhouse.  She had crossed over the channel and was not familiar with the area and had been cut off by the rising Tide.

The RNLI Respect The Water Campaign warns people that our waters are dangerously unpredictable.  General coastal safety tips.

  1. Check the weather and tide times. At low tide you can walk across the channels, but they quickly flood as the tide returns.   
  2. Read signs.  Be aware of local hazards.  
  3. Carry means of calling for help.  
  4. If you see someone in danger dial 999 or 112 and ask for the Coastguard who will call us.

HW  4.39pm   Wind N1   Weather Sunny/Cloudy.   Vis. Good   Sea state slight

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