RNLI Hovercraft rescues woman stuck in mud – 12 January 2017


At 2.30pm Hunstanton RNLI Hovercraft was requested to go to the aid of a woman stuck in the mud on Holme Beach.

The lady out walking with her two dogs had walked across the marsh area on Holme Beach. She had become stuck in the marsh and the UK Coastguard were informed of her plight.  The Hunstanton RNLI Hovercraft was requested to go to her assistance.  On arrival at the scene the crew found the lady stuck in the mud up to her waist and her two rather muddy dogs were standing by her.  The RNLI crew used mud mats and were able to manually lift the lady out of the mud.  After checking to find out if she needed any medical attention, apart from feeling a bit wet, muddy and cold, she confirmed that she would be all right the crew handed her over to the coastguard response team who were on the beach.

Safety advice to visitors, when walking on the marsh areas keep to the well worn tracks, that short-cut across unmarked marsh is not as friendly as it looks.  Stay Safe.  Respect The Water.  If in trouble call the Coastguard on 999

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