Holed Cruiser saved by Hunstanton Lifeboat – Sunday 16th October 2016


At 10.15am Humber Coastguard requested Hunstanton Lifeboat to go to the aid of a fishing vessel with 2 persons on board that had struck a submerged object and was taking in water, just off the Tabs Head.  Hunstanton RNLI volunteer crew who were on exercise in the Wash were diverted to the area and arrived on the scene at 10.45am. RNLI crew member was put on board to assess the situation.  A split in the hull about a foot long was found, consistent with striking an object.  The vessel was now high and dry on the training wall.  Both crew members were taken on board the lifeboat and landed at Fosdyke.

Due to the state of the tide Hunstanton Lifeboat was unable to leave the river. A relief crew and a pump were taken round by road, and two members were brought back to the station.  At 5.00pm as the tide started to flood the lifeboat made its way to the casualty vessel, and arrived alongside at 5.20pm and put the portable pump on board.  The crew managed to start the vessel’s engine, and with the pump running, two RNLI crew  brought the vessel into Fosdyke, where it was lifted out of the water.  Our crew were then released to return to station.

The husband and wife team from Skegness were uninjured but a bit shaken up, and were most grateful to the RNLI crew.  Lifeboat returned to station at 7.45pm after what was a very long day.

H.W.6.52 a.m.    Wind S.W. 3    Sea State slight   Vis.3 miles  Cloudy with rain




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