Model 17-39 sails home to Tobermory

Dave Howson

Dave Howson with his model of a “Severn” class lifeboat that he kindly donated to the branch shortly before he passed away.

In late December 2015 chairman Rod Law received a call from one of our stalwarts supporters, Dave Howson to visit him at home. The reason for the visit shocked Rod. As we know Dave’s health was failing and he wished to donate his model Lifeboat to us.

Dave built his 1/12th scale model of a Severn class lifeboat basically from recycled/salvaged bits and pieces and was justifiably very proud and protective of it. Unfortunately he never got round to to finishing it to his desired standard by installing a full remote control equipment.

It is a real “attention grabber” but despite its size it is in may respects quite fragile. As the local fundraising branch we originally thought we could use around the area at our events but soon realised that due it its size this was not practical.

Other avenues for the model were investigated and eventually we ascertained that the full sized 17.39 was stationed at Tobermory (Isle of Mull, Scotland) and following enquiries it was established the the station had just opened a visitors centre and were looking for a model as a centre piece.

It was decided, what better and fitting home, respecting Dave’s wishes for his model to be in a safe permanent place on show to the world.

We are delighted, the Tobermory crew and volunteer teem are excited, and Rod will be delivering the model to them in October.

If you have any questions or are in MK and would like to see the model before she “sets sail” north please email

We will add pictures of the new home after Rod’s visit.

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