Chairman’s Report for 2016

Rod Law

Rod Law

Hello everyone,

Well another year has gone by, and we are again heading for our AGM and the election of branch “officials”.

It has been fairly busy but not as much as in previous years, but our Treasurer’s (Anne) report does not make too disappointing reading. Bearing in mind the hiccups, restrictions and supporter level, with what’s booked, planned and forthcoming we should be in line with our usual annual “turnover” helping towards the saving of lives at sea.

Anybody who knows me will be aware of my frustration at the lack of support from the RNLI , as a whole.

Lack of equipment (available to others but not to MK), items borrowed and not returned (affecting our event numbers) and many other “things” that are “in the pipeline/being considered” (too many and too long – we live in a very much now world). But I think my biggest disappointment must have been the lack of support from HQ for the recent Parks Trust Events, we managed three at branch level but the real big one (8000 footfall on the day) was not even acknowledged “from on high”, and was far too big for us. That is why I requested help..

It has taken me over 4 years (going back to the Georgie days) of meetings, phone calls and correspondence to “get into” The Parks Trust, they hold over 200 events annually, not that we would attend them all but would/could have been a good base for our income.

Working from the reports/photographs on social media it seems, in my opinion, that we as an inland branch are in some way being side lined. Perhaps it is because of me, who knows?.

Therefore, a decision that has taken me months to decide and has been made, very much, more difficult over the recent weeks following my two RNLI awards is that I will not be standing for re-election as Branch Chairman of the RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch at this years (2016) Election of Officials.

However I will continue, if allowed, to attend committee meetings (when possible), attend events (when possible), continue with the collecting boxes I have in circulation and increase the numbers, continue with and try to expand my relationship with our local undertakers. I will, of course continue my efforts with the Stathes & Runswick Lifeboat Station.

I am prepared to “hold the fort” pending my replacement being elected or until the end of the current programme.

None of our success would have been possible without the efforts and input of a strong and willing team and my sincere thanks and gratitude must first go to Mike and Sarah,who have I feel carried the branch for so long. Along with Anne, Linda, Ian and Steve all of who have held their respective posts through “thick and thin” support I must also thank Alice, Don and Carol without whose continued help and support the work would have been nigh on impossible.

Many thanks to you all.

Kind Regards 


Rod Law

Life Member & Governor 
Branch Chairman  
RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch 

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