Busy weekend for Hunstanton – 6&7 August 2016

Spirit of West Norfolk

Saturday August 6th 2016.  At 12.25pm Humber Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton Lifeboat to go to the aid of a vessel that had broken down in the Freeman Channel with two persons on board. Hunstanton volunteer crew launched on service and arrived on scene at 1.20pm.  RNLI crew-member was put on board to assess the situation.

The cabin style vessel had suffered an engine failure and the crew were unable to restart the engine.  They had contacted Humber Coastguard on VHF radio.  Another vessel was standing by and agreed to tow him back into Boston.  Hunstanton Lifeboat “Spirit of West Norfolk” escorted them to Clay Hole, where they would wait for the tide to rise, and then inform the Coastguard when they were under way.  Hunstanton Lifeboat was released to return to station arriving back at 2.45pm.

H.W. 9.18am.    Wind S.W. 3    Sea State Slight   Vis. Good

Sunday August 7th 2016.  Whilst on exercise Humber Coastguard requested Hunstanton lifeboat to go to the mouth of the River Ouse, having received a call from a person stating that he and a companion were stranded on the marsh. They had gone out there in a boat, and the boat had drifted away while they were picking Samphire.

The crew proceeded to the area, located the two persons and their boat, which was high and dry on a sandbank.  They anchored the boat to be collected later, and took the two persons and landed them on the river bank.  Meanwhile a kite surfer was seen to be in difficulties about half a mile to the East of the boathouse.  The Hovercraft was prepared for launching but the surfer managed to make his way to the shore and our Hovercraft was stood down.

H.W. 9.54am.    Wind S.W. 3    Sea State Slight   Vis. Good

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