Folk on the green 2016

rtw-header-900pxGood afternoon All

Well the great British weather won the battle today. Having forecast rain through most of the day the good folk of Stony Stratford still came out to play, albeit in somewhat reduced numbers, to enjoy the rock and folk music performed by local artists.

We were there in two market stalls selling souvenirs and offering games like hook a duck, play your cards right and Carol’s lucky dip.

However none of us were ready for what mother nature threw at us at 5.00pm with hailstones and very heavy rain turning the street into a river and turning the hook a duck into a river duck race. The stall next to ours collapsed almost destroying the occupants bric a brac.

Thank you to the brave six, never has so much been owed by so many to so few… to coin a famous old phrase!

Still we took £136.84 from donations and games and £117.78 from souvenir sales.

It’s days like today when you realise you must be dedicated to the cause.

Kind Regards

Mike McMahon
Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch, RNLI


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