Hovercraft crew search for lost family – 4 June 2016

Hunstanton’s hovercraft. Photo: Clifford Hicks

Hunstanton’s hovercraft. Photo: Clifford Hicks

At 11.32am Humber Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton Hovercraft to go to the aid of seven people lost on Heacham Beach.

Humber Coastguard received a mobile call from a group of people, three adults and four children, stating that they were out on Heacham beach and that thick fog had surrounded them and that they were lost.

Hunstanton volunteer crew launched the station hovercraft – The Hunstanton Flyer – and proceeded to the area.  On arrival at the search area a report came in that the persons were now safely back on the beach.  After chatting to the persons, and pointing out the risks of going out on to the flats on these very low tides, our hovercraft returned to station.

Our Sea safety advice to visitors.  Not to venture out onto the flats or banks, at Heacham or Snettisham.  It is very tempting to walk out to the flats and banks. However, the tides in this area go out over a mile and when the tide turns the tidal currents are very strong. Tides are predictable. Weather conditions can change very quickly and you can soon be in trouble.  Respect The Water, stay safe, keep off the banks and within your limits.  Enjoy your visit.

H.W. 06.24am.  Wind N2.  Weather fog/cloud.   Vis. poor   Sea state slight

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