Hovercraft crew rescue swimmer – Launch 9 May 2016

Hunstanton’s hovercraft. Photo: Clifford Hicks

Hunstanton’s hovercraft. Photo: Clifford Hicks

At 5.40pm Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Hunstanton Hovercraft to go to the aid of a person reported to be in difficulties in the sea off Hunstanton south beach area.

Hunstanton RNLI volunteer crew launched on service and made good speed to the area. On arrival at the scene they spotted a person in the water trying to swim ashore. They  managed to pull him into the hovercraft. He was in an exhausted state and was not dressed for swimming. It is believed that he had gone out onto the sandbanks and had been caught out by the incoming tide. He was handed over to the local paramedic and coastguard response team on Hunstanton beach.

It was soon established that he required no further treatment and crews were stood down to return to station.

H.W. 9.18pm Wind SE2. Weather sunshine/cloud. Vis. good Sea state slight

Our crews quick response prevented a serious situation from becoming a fatal one. Stay safe keep off the banks and enjoy your visit.

Our Sea Safety advice to visitors. Do not venture out onto the banks, however tempting, the tidal currents are very strong, and you can soon be in trouble.

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