Mayday – One gig left!!!

Collection at FrostsGood day all

We had a very long weekend at Willington and our thanks to everyone that turned out and gave their private time to our noble cause. Once again we wouldn’t have done it without you and as always the number of volunteers underlines the results gained.

Total for the collection:-

  • Friday                                    £223.52
  • Saturday                              £629.78
  • Sunday                                 £616.49 (One of the biggest Sunday totals ever experienced by our branch in only 6 hours)
  • Monday                               £574.84

Total for the weekend  £2044.63

Total for the Campaign £3101.23 so far

So we have one more attempt before we put the welly badges away and this will be at Tesco Bletchley on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th May.

If you can help out for a few hours on either day then follow the link below and add your name to wherever you can. The more volunteers the bigger the collection so don’t be put off if you see a few on the list already.

Kind Regards

Mike McMahon




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