November update

Greetings one and all,

Before you all go off on your Christmas/New Year jollies I thought you might like to know a rough figure of what I calculate the branch raised in November.   I say rough because this excludes any box collections, does not include any soft credit we may get from the Reindeer Run (Good turn out of volunteers for this event…..15) but does include the full value of merchandise sold.

As Mike and I have often said, more volunteers/supporters holding boxes, the more monies we tend to raise, also as we, MK RNLI, get more recognised as a presence in the area the more approaches we get from the bigger stores. A typical example being Tescos, last year 2014 was their designated year for an RNLI collection weekend. Only last week because we did not/could not cover the Kingston store we have been asked to collect there in January 2015.   Yes I know we have our “usual” Morrisons on the calender but personally I do not feel it would be in our interests to not at least try to have a go. Not the whole complex but at least the two (1 Entrance/2 Exit) Tesco doors.

Obviously and as usual all figures are subject to scrutiny by Anne  my reckoning is, subject to above,……..£2756:00

Yes just for November……….WOW!!!!!!!

Many, many thanks to you all for whatever effort you put in, my special thanks to Anne and Linda (not forgetting Geoff) for their independent events.

2015……..Bring it on!!!!!!!!!

Kind Regards

Rod Law  Chairman   RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch 

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