Message from the Chairman

To all committee members, volunteers and members.

Greetings everybody,

Sorry for the long period between communications, but I thought you might appreciate a break.

If so your wishes were granted when Mr Microsoft ran off, into the ether, with my Miss TOSHIBA. Suffice to say she is now back with me and seems more settled.

From my point of view it has been a very funny year after an immensely successful 2013. The figure of £18k + far exceeded our expectations. The sum was reached by the sum of over £5k being our percentage of the monies raised at the Reindeer Run. That percentage being based on the number of MK branch volunteers that turned out.

During 2014, we have pulled back on most of the smaller events trying to concentrate on the premises which have proved to be “big donations”. We have still had an incredible year.

Another area where we had to pull back was of course event fatigue, however much one loves/cares for the cause there is only so much that a very few of us can do alongside our family, work and any other commitments.

At our Shanty event two years ago I read a poem to the audience, called The Visitor. This refers to rescue early in the 20th century when the Lifeboats were powered by oars. From it’s normal launch station in Whitby, the seas were too rough, so what was the answer?

They were determined to rescue the stricken crew and such was that determination that they would go overland to a more sheltered point (Robin Hoods Bay). It is said that more than a hundred volunteers pushed and pulled the boat through the gales and driving snow, even the hills and drifts could not stop them.

Anyone who knows that North Yorkshire area must really know what a gigantic task it must have been.

Needless to say they succeeded. without loss of life, and rescued all of the Visitors crew. All were safely landed at Robin Hoods Bay.

There are many other such feats that should not be overlooked, but what I am trying to portray is that no matter how much we as a committee do/organise, it is you the volunteers and members that we rely on to help push and pull “our boat” the “RNLI MK Fundraising Branch”.

We can only put together a Fundraising programme if we have your support and on the day afford us some of your most valuable commodity, your time.

You never know what you collect might be enough to pay for the fuel to rescue some poor soul, we never know but all we can say is “that we tried”.

Our forthcoming programme:

15/16 Nov (tbc)…..Frosts Willington
19th Nov……2014 AGM incl election of “officers”
29th Nov……Stony Stratford Christmas Lights
30th Nov……Reindeer Run @ Grafham Water
Jan 2015……Morrisons collection
14th Feb 2015….Shanty 4

Well there it is, these events will be entered on the branch web site along with a schedule.
Please help us keep this branch afloat.
We cannot do it without you.

Thank you,

Kind Regards

Rod Law
RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch

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