Tesco collection totals – Thank you!

We had a very tiring but very successful collection at three Tesco Supermarkets this weekend and the success was due to the support offered by our volunteers and committee members who stood out in 4 seasons of weather to help our worthy cause. Here’s the breakdown of what we raised.

Friday 304.19 263.77 760.59 1328.55
Saturday 506.56 528.37 719.17 1754.10
Sunday 311.02 358.75 330.90 1000.67
TOTALS £1,121.77 £1,150.89 £1,810.66 £4,083.32

Absolutely incredible total for Wolverton but let’s not undermine the results at Bletchley and Flitwick where both branches had “a grand weekend”

Thanks go out to all those who turned out. We’ll keep you advised on forthcoming events

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One Response to Tesco collection totals – Thank you!

  1. David Jones says:

    Many congratulations to you all from your friends in Hunstanton

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