Greetings to all

Fundraising bucketGreetings to all,

At last, my head is starting to let me be me!!…..don’t know if that is a good or bad thing.

We have collection events:

  • Saturday & Sunday 12/13 April Frosts Garden Centre in Woburn Sands
  • Saturday & Sunday  03/04 May Frosts Garden Centre in Willington.
  • Saturday & Sunday  10/11 May – Asda Milton Keynes
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday 23/24/24 May Tesco (Wolverton, Bletchley & Flitwick)

To register to attend, please see the booking forms on our events page.

Other events in hand:

  • 7 June – Pointless Quiz
  • Morrisons offered us 3 days in June but had mixed us up with RNIB, discussion in hand.
  • Woburn, 30/31 August. Confirmed, booking form added nearer the time.
  • 30 November – Reindeer run.

As per requested format I am trying for one event per month but if any of the Supermarkets already approached offer dates I hope I am permitted to accept them.

Bye, bye for now.

Kind Regards

Rod Law

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