Greetings from the Chairman

Rod Law

Rod Law

Hello, and a very, little bit belated, happy new year.

May you get what you want, and want what you get in 2014.

Well now, they are good with a bit of pickle, and very good with delicious home made piccalilli. Yes I am eating my words.

My missive in early December was accurate at the time but I cannot believe the additional income that has come to us through our efforts since then.

Over the passed couple of years since I was elected we have hovered around the £12k mark for the years efforts, but for the year ended 31/12/13 it looks like we are on £18,300. I must admit that a massive chunk of this was due to the efforts put in by 10 of us at the Reindeer Run. Just try to imagine what we have to do in 2014 to match it if not exceed this fine sum.

2014 has got off to a brilliant start with a grand weekend at Morrisons (Westcroft MK) when we collected £1095:00.

Next Friday (24th) we have our Shanty night organised for us by a local businessman, where we get the ticket money and bucket collections and the charity whose premises we use are happy with the bar receipts, The artistes, the sound crew and the recording guy give up there time for us. The beer/wines are donated by a local supplier, but this year the draft cider supplier wants us to have the proceeds from the sale of his product. Too late now to get your tickets they have all gone, you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Moving on to other events so far arranged, 29/01 a talk has been organised by our volunteer coordinator, Linda, for the Wootton 55 Club, RNLI Education has supplied a speaker for the event.

Similarly, again via Linda another talk, again supported by Education has been arranged for 27/02 for the Bow Brickhill WI.

Education are doing us proud because they have arranged for a series of talks at the MK Academy throughout Feb and Mar. They will be addressing the whole school. Apart from the fact that two of my grandsons attend (both Storm Force members) the head/principal is a supporter.

On 08/03 the organisation U3A (again through Linda) have organised a quiz night, the proceeds of which will come to us. Not only that but whatever the net takings are they will be matched by Santander.

I have been a bit lax and as yet nothing for April, but don’t forget that with the help of our Masonic friends we hope to cover at least three (3) Tesco stores 23 – 25 May.

Yes I know I said I had been a bit lax but letters have gone out to all the other, usual supermarkets, garden centres and Midsummer Place. I have tried to get a weekend in Middleton Hall but it is fully booked until 2015.

You may notice a change in style for our fundraising events. We are concentrating our efforts on the hopefully big money raisers, we will not be attending the little fetes and fayres. The latter take up a great deal of time to organise and on the day are reliant totally on the weather. The amounts raised are miniscule compared with the other events and do not tend to have any profitable profile advantage.

Once our new Box Secretary (Norman) gets himself organised and familiarised with the job I am hoping we can get more boxes out in the area. I know that I am repeating myself but I would like and appreciate you all getting behind the idea that we need more boxes circulating. We all have local shops, pubs, chippies, restaurants, hairdressers, florists and most will accommodate our boxes. Please give it your support.

Now then, enough from me, I do hope you can recognise the effort we are putting in to try and make sure we are a success. We are still a young branch, but from little acorns etc.

Again all the best for 2014, I hope to see you at one or other of the events. Please remember we can organise things but we need you all to help us carry them off.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Rod Law
RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch

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