Strong end to the year

Reindeer Run 2013

Reindeer Run 2013
(C) what a picture photography Ltd

The MK branch have now concluded their events for 2013, a total for the year will be available early in 2014 once all the money has been counted.

First you will be pleased to know the results of the bucket collection at Willington on Saturday. The weather stayed favorable (but cold) but the entire populace of Bedfordshire visited that garden centre over the weekend to buy their Christmas trees and Granny’s present and were generous to the RNLI at the same time.

On Saturday we collected £537.73
On Sunday we collected £423.61

Making a grand total of £961.34, just a few quid short of “a grand weekend”.

We are still waiting for all of the totals to come back from the Reindeer Run. We have details on the “on the day” donations but are waiting to hear from Poole for totals on the online registrations, so money raised so far:

Souvenir sales: £352.40
Donations and donated gift sales: £77.50
T-Shirt donations: £57.21
Refreshments: £35.08
Total: £522.19

Picture from the Woburn Reindeer Run – © what a picture photography Ltd.  To see and buy images from the day visit their website.

Which when you add to the £754.93 from the Stoney Stratford lights it means the last three events of the year have raised £2238.46 vital funds for the RNLI.

Subject to verification by our Treasurer.

Thanks to all that ran, helped, shopped or donated. See you in 2014 for Shanty 2 and many more!

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