Who do you know???

I’m sure you know lots of people. But do you have contacts with local groups?

Maybe you are part of group yourself or you have children, parents or grandparents who belong to groups.

The RNLI has produced this list -below – to stir your thoughts.

If you could get even one of these groups (or more!) to do a concert, sponsored event, etc for RNLI then we at the MK branch would love to hear from you.

We can provide posters, sponsor forms etc, if you can’t get a group involved, then why not do something yourself?
eg get people to sponsor you to lose weight, climb a mountain, shave off your beard (men only!), … whatever!

Linda Morris
Committee member

  • Sports Clubs
    • Walking groups
    • Rambling Clubs
    • Running clubs
    • Swimming Clubs
    • Leisure Centres & Gyms
    • Tennis Clubs
    • Cycling clubs
    • Golf clubs
    • Rugby & Football teams
    • Darts Teams
    • Snooker Halls
  • Water Related
    • Scuba Clubs
    • Sailing clubs
    • Water sports centres
    • Marinas
  • Local Businesses
  • Volunteering Centres
  • GP surgeries & Dentist Waiting Rooms
  • Local Pubs & Coffee shops
  • Local authority community notice boards
  • Supermarkets
  • Libraries
  • Local Schools
  • Post Offices
  • Adult Social Clubs
    • Women’s Institute
    • Lions
    • Rotary
    • Working Men’s groups
    • Round Table
    • Freemasons
    • Knitting/Sewing/craft groups
    • Hobby Clubs i.e. Photography Clubs
    • Book clubs
    • Church groups
    • University of the Third Age
    • Mother’s groups
    • Parent Teacher Associations
    • Slimming clubs
    • Fitness classes
    • New Horizons club
    • Choirs
  • Young People
    • Young Enterprise via schools Colleges/Sixth Forms University – RAG groups
    • Sea Cadets
    • Scouts
    • Guides
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