Chairman’s Report for 2013

Rod Law

Rod Law

I will be brief.

2013 has been a steady year and I doubt that financially it will be “record breaking”.

We seem to have done a lot of events for minimal results, although on the “up” side what we collected was more than we had.

Unfortunately our attempts to offer “open” social events, we have done 2, seem to have fallen flat (in my opinion). What does anyone else think?

Our on going problem is a lack of support, with the same faces seemingly doing each event.

High expectation was placed on the fact that Poole were to write to every member to see if they were interested in being aware/helping the local groups. Apparently a very successful trial had been held and it was supposed to be going “national”. Well, as a member of 40 years standing I thought I might have heard something……you know the answer. Has anyone heard anything ?

With this location/event “crewing” problem big thinking caps have been worn over the past few months and based on the information contained in the Treasurers report I feel we should concentrate our efforts to different forms of fundraising. Ideas please!

The programme for the rest of the year has been already documented, and you may notice several absentees from previous years. Sorry if they favourites, but we (the regular faces) cannot be in two places at once and we must concentrate on the higher profile, hopefully more financially rewarding locations.

I am look forward to 2014 and it is looking good based on the new format. Only time will tell.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Rod Law
RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch

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