Ahoy there!!!!

Rod 3Ahoy and greetings to my fellow lifesavers,

Yes you, me, us together we can, do, and will, make a difference. Those horrible things, statistics, still show that, on average, the lives of 22 people were saved during 2011, that same year having the second highest number of call out in our history. This figure is just for the Lifeboats, crewed by volunteers, who launched nearly 9000 times with almost 3300 of these launches being in darkness.

Lets not forget these are lives saved, not the number of people rescued, this figure again for 2011 is 7976.

If we turn to the Lifeguards momentarily, again during 2011 they assisted 17671 people saving 84 lives. Goodness knows how many people they helped by being “just there”.

A fantastic achievement I think you have to agree.

Hopefully this information was not too boring and that it helped to strengthen the reasons why we do what we do. 

I am often asked where I have been on holiday and the enquirers are bemused when I tell them Staithes.

Why Staithes? Well it is in Yorkshire and if that is not a good enough reason it is a very picturesque former village, some might say quaint, where I can take all of my family and for the youngsters to be set loose and feel safe. That’s one reason.

The other is the annual Lifeboat day (actually it is a weekend) which I started attending some 5 years ago, yes I know but it is fun, and a great atmosphere (and that’s before the Black Sheep and the Old Peculiar).

This year in less than 48hours this Lifeboat day raised the sum of £13,500 for the service. that is, I think 12.5% more than we raise in MK in a whole year. Yes, I am aware that our “big” annual event was washed out last year and cancelled this year and I know they have the sea and an actual lifeboat, but this was a weekend (1900 Friday to 1800 Sunday) and they have no big supermarkets or shopping centres to collect in. 

Here in Milton Keynes we have these big areas where many people collect, the combined footfall I cannot imagine. So why can’t we raise such sums?

The populous are very generous to us/our cause, many are angry that we are a voluntary charity, however we pride ourselves on our independent status, thereby ensuring that every penny raised is used to provide the service to the public, and the finest boats and best equipment essential for the volunteer crews to safely provide that 24 hour 365 day cover needed to help save lives.

Every fundraiser is special to us and can make a real difference, it’s about doing your bit, no matter how big or small, so please help us eve for just a few hours. 

Right………what are we doing over the next few months,

  • 06.09 Tesco Kingston  CANCELLED
  • 07/08.09 Woburn Village Fete (formerly The Oyster Festival)
  • 05/10 Social event…….Visit/tour to “our” lifeboat station at Old Hunstanton.
  • 23/11 Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights
  • 30/11 Stony Stratford Christmas Lights
  • 08/12 Dickens of a Christmas…..Olney
  • 24/01 Social event……..Shanty 2………York House Stony

More details and sign up see our branch events.

Hopefully we can find a few more especially the supermarkets and garden centres to fill some of the spaces and thereby the coffers.

Well I think that’s about it for now from me, stop cheering, except to say we will be holding our Annual General Meeting in October (exact date to be finalised) and I would like now to invite you all to this event, it is not all about “shop” talk, it is about you telling us/the new committee what you would like to see, what you would like us to do. Like the Lifeboat crews we are also volunteers, most of us with full time jobs, but we carry on(often against the odds), however we do need your input, your ideas and ideally a bit of you time.

Hoping to see you all very soon.

Thank you.

Kind Regards 

Rod Law
RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch

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