Asda update and next events

Good day All

Many thanks to those who turned out for the ASDA Collection this bank holiday weekend. Thanks to your efforts we were able to accumulate the following totals

SATURDAY £450.17
SUNDAY £325.70
TOTAL £775.87

We met two new people who have volunteered their services to help with future events so welcome too both, and we hope to see you soon.


We have a one day store collection at Tesco on Friday 6th September at Kingston Branch Tescos. Ideally we need a committee member to drive this collection and then some volunteers who can spare time on a Friday afternoon. If you can help the link to add your name is

This day and venue has been forced on us by National, we weren’t able to choose store or date and as most of us work this is going to be a hard one to cover. So we would ask if anyone has a day off that date or could spend a couple of hours helping out to come forward. I have put down three shifts during the afternoon which covers the busiest periods on a Friday.


We are supporting this weekend event on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th with our souvenir stall and children’s games so will be keen to have your support and also enjoy a fun day out at this carnival. If you can help the link is below

See you there!

Kind Regards
Mike McMahon
Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch, RNLI

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