Hunstanton Hovercraft Launch – Wednesday 21st August

The Hunstanton Flyer on the beach

The Hunstanton Flyer on the beach (c) RNLI Hunstanton

At 6.42 pm. Humber Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton Hovercraft in response to a report of two persons and a dog cut off by the tide at Holme beach.  Hunstanton RNLI volunteer crew searched the area from Old Hunstanton to Gore Point then on to Thornham Harbour.  They spoke to several persons on the beach but no persons were found to be in trouble.

They were about to return to station when the coastguard received a report of people stranded in a car at Brancaster.  Our Hovercraft proceeded to Brancaster and on arrival two of the crew waded down the road to the vehicle.  There were three persons in the car, a grandmother her daughter and grand-daughter on holiday.  As the tide was still rising and entering the vehicle and the crew were concerned for the grandmother who was showing signs of distress, they took the Hovercraft off the beach and down to the car where they transferred the three persons on to the Hovercraft and brought them back to dry land at the car park and into the care of the local coastguard team.  Our Hovercraft returned to station at 9.30 pm.

Sea state calm.  Wind SW 2.  Visibility Good.

Our advice to visitors when visiting local beauty spots in the area is to check the tide times, as several of the local harbour areas and access roads flood at certain tides. Visitors to the coast should also be aware of the tide times when walking out on to the banks. The tidal currents are strong as the tide turns and soon flood the banks.  Take care, enjoy the beach and stay safe. Big tides are expected for the rest of this week. 

Take care have a nice Bank Holiday.

Latest News released by Geoff Needham, Lifeboat Press Officer, Hunstanton Lifeboat Station.

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