Hunstanton Hovercraft Launch – Monday 19th August

The Hunstanton Flyer on the beach

The Hunstanton Flyer on the beach (c) RNLI Hunstanton

At 14:50 Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Hunstanton Hovercraft to go to the Wreck Sands at Brancaster, as they had received multiple reports of persons attempting to swim ashore as the tide was flooding the sands. Hunstanton Hovercraft – The Hunstanton Flyer – was tasked to this incident.

Wells and Hunstanton coastguard teams were also involved. On arrival the coastguard informed our Hovercraft that two persons had swam across to the Scolt Head Island and other people had made it ashore in a kayak.  Our Hovercraft crew made contact with the two persons on the Island.

They turned out to be two young girls aged about 12 year old. One of the young ladies had a severely sprained ankle. Our crew got the two girls into the Hovercraft and landed them on the beach at Brancaster Golf Club into the care of the local Coastguard team and a paramedic. It is understood that the injured girl was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital – Kings Lynn. They came from the Stamford area and are believed to be on holiday.

We can only repeat however tempting it is to go out on to the sands, parents should know where their children are exploring, and be aware of the dangers when the tide starts to flow in.  This was a serious incident with a happy ending.

As always, you can keep up to date with details of all the latest news on the Hunstanton page of the RNLI website… and also on Facebook.
Latest News released by Geoff Needham, Lifeboat Press Officer, Hunstanton Lifeboat Station

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