Hunstanton Lifeboat Launch – Friday 9th August

At 7.10 pm. Humber Coastguard paged Hunstanton Lifeboat “Spirit of West Norfolk” in response to a report from the fire service that a child was in trouble in the water off the South promenade Hunstanton.

The Lifeboat launched and proceeded to the scene. On arrival it was reported that the casualty had been taken ashore by a jet ski. The Lifeboat searched the area and asked the Coastguard to confirm that the child was ashore. When this was confirmed our Lifeboat returned to station.

Sea state moderate. Wind NW 4. Visibility good.

Advice to members of the public when making an emergency call. If you see someone or a vessel in trouble at sea, when asked which service you require, always ask for the Coastguard. They control and co-ordinate all search and rescue at sea.

As always, you can keep up to date with details of all the latest news on the Hunstanton page of the RNLI website… and also on Facebook.

Latest News released by Geoff Needham, Lifeboat Press Officer, Hunstanton Lifeboat Station.

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