Asda collection update

Dave (centre) and his model lifeboat.

Dave (centre) and his model lifeboat.


Now my hair has gone, at least on top, must remember sun cream or at least a hat. Daft thing is just bought sun version of the latter but forgot it.

Well what a day, and my thanks to ASDA, Pancho, Dave (model boat man), Laura and the Thomas duo. (Steve and his son in case anyone is wondering).

It is a big, no it is massive, store with huge frontage doors and basically due to lack of bodies with buckets we must have lost a lot.

For most of the day Pancho covered the George entrance on his own (big concern). He was joined a 1100 by Laura to ease my peace of mind, in the meantime I covered the, RIB, the table and the people crossing from the stadium area, with Dave covered the pedestrian crossing to the front entrance.

The Thomas’s relieved Pancho and Laura to the finish at 1700hrs. Dave and Laura finished as per schedule at 1300hrs, Laura was collected by her dad.I think because of the heat Pancho worked inside the main entrance, leaving me covering the outside along with the RIB and table.

As you can probably see more bodies even covering spells of a couple of hours would make a huge difference in being able to “person” each side of a doorway and as if not more important allow colleagues to have meal/coffee and toilet breaks.

Having said all that I suppose a total would be welcomed by you all, I have a detailed breakdown but the short story is  £615.53 (subject to Anne’s checking)

To keep you all up to speed, Alice is progressing well after her hip operation. Pancho tells me she was up and walking on Friday.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the Bletchley Parade and Carnival, we are desperately short of collectors, and don’t forget what goes in the bucket is ours, so as per usual  more collectors equals more buckets equals more monies. For anyone doubting this, if we have a good few collectors they can “leapfrog” each other thereby “sweeping” the entire wall of spectators whilst keeping up with the float. Still doubtful ?? come and try it, even if you just do the parade (1130 – 1300), Give it a go… just might enjoy yourselves.

Thank you………….now where’s that after sun.???

Kind Regards

Rod Law

RNLI Milton Keynes Fundraising Branch

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