Hunstanton Lifeboat Launch – Saturday 1st June

At 2.29pm Humber Coastguard requested the launch of Hunstanton Lifeboat Spirit of West Norfolk to a report of a boat drifting out to sea off Snettisham.

It was reported to them by an off duty policeman and at the time it was not known if anybody was on it. Hunstanton Lifeboat launched and proceeded to the area and commenced a search. The local coastguard response team were also involved. They had spoken to the first informant, and on the information he gave, the lifeboat was asked to search an area towards Kings Lynn.

The vessel was located in the Lynn channel and identified as the vessel reported adrift. It was the Snettisham sailing clubs committee boat, and had broken free from its moorings. The club only becoming aware as a result of the local coastguard inquiries.

Hunstanton lifeboat took the boat in tow, and due to the tide being on the ebb with not enough water at Snettisham, the crew took it to Heacham beach opposite the power boat ramp. One of our crew walked it ashore to be picked up by a member of the sailing club. Our crew member was brought back to the station by the local coastguard vehicle, while the lifeboat returned for recovery at 4.15 p.m. H.W. at 12.46 p.m. Sea state slight wind N.E. 3

As always, you can keep up to date with details of all the latest news on the Hunstanton page of the RNLI website… and also on Facebook.

Latest News released by Geoff Needham, Lifeboat Press Officer, Hunstanton Lifeboat Station.

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