York House Centre Salutes The Sea!

Rod Law at the SS Shanty event

Rod Law at the SS Shanty event

York House Centre and The Cock & Bull Society combined forces to host
“S.S.Shanty!”, an evening of sea-shanties and maritime music in aid of RNLI.
The event raised £735.15 for RNLI and £400 for York House Centre.

A splendid night was had by all, thanks to some jolly performances by 5
Men Not Called Matt, Sloop Groggy Dogs (I’m afraid so), and The Harmanics.
Malcolm Jones (well-known Bullfrog) performed his shanty on the works of
local boat-builder, Edward Hayes, and the new Bard of Stony Stratford (one
Richard Frost – chief Scribal Gatherer) took us on a musical crawl round Stony
pubs. Captain’s Daughter, Michele Welborn took time off from the cooking,
washing and ironing, to perform three excellent pieces – one of them her very

It was a sell-out, and the absolutely-not-press-ganged 100-strong audience
gave full voice to all the choruses.

Sceptics said “sea-shanties in Stony Stratford???”. The Cock & Bull Society
responded “Why not? Lord Nelson was born about 30 miles from the sea and
he didn’t even have a bicycle.”

S.S.Shanty! was the second of a planned series of concerts at York
House, when the accent will be on “roots” music, ie folk, blues, jazz,
international. Visit www.york-house.org.uk or the town website at
www.stonystratford.gov.uk for details as they arise.

UPDATE:   S.S. Shanty makes a splash review in the MK Cititzen

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