All ship shape thanks to the MK Community Foundation

The MK Community Foundation

The MK Community Foundation

You know how it is, you start off keeping tidy but before you know it the place is a mess. Boxes of things scattered all over the place, the important thing you need is “somewhere” and you’re not sure how you are going to get on top it.

Well that was very much the way we were getting with our fundraising material. We’ve been a group now for just over two years and our storage space was getting a little untidy to say the least.

Our store cupboard before help

Our store cupboard before help

As you can see everything from flags to inflatable lifeboat crew was getting crushed in our little store. Thankfully we got great support from the MK Community Foundation to purchase some shelves so we could get on top of things once and for all.

Our store cupboard after help

Our store cupboard after help. Shelia with Sue Muhereza and Bart Gamber.

Not only can we find things again but it should mean that none of the items should get lost or damaged. It’s been a great year for the MK branch again despite loosing a number of key events to the wet spring, but here’s to next year.

Thanks again to the MK Community Foundation and of course to our Souvenir Secretary, Shelia for getting us shipshape again.

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