Update from the Chairman

To All Committee Members, Volunteers and Supporters.

Yo Ho Ho!!! etc etc………..Yes folks it’s that silly season again.

As you are all probably aware I was re-elected as your Chairman………………I must be doing something right OR am the only one daft enough to take it on (I can live with both or either)

Right now, we have had a steady summer and autumn but we now do really need your help. Between now and the end of the year we have 7 (yes seven) events to cover. Please check your diaries and offer what time you have.

Here’s the detail to help you decide:

09/11 Community Action Christmas Fayre……..Sheila and Linda have organised this, and are covering it, but a couple of extra pair of hands would make it easier for them.
At this event we are simply running a stall selling RNLI merchandise and increasing our profile.
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24/11 Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights……….Becoming one of our annual festive events.
This is an all day effort using the gazebo, tables, official merchandise, Hook a Duck and having collection buckets & spinner. Stormy Stan has been booked at the request of the Event organisers so hopefully again our profile will be enhanced. Help is required with the setting up & dismantling in addition to “personning” the event through the day.
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25/11 Reindeer Run………..This is a NATIONAL event, as a branch we do not get involved. Some members of MK Branch have volunteered to help out on a personal basis.
Obviously this decreases the hands available on part of the day for the other events.

25/11 Christmas Gift Fayre. Being held in Tattenhoe is a fundraising event (indoors) being run by the McMahon family with proceeds to come to the MK branch. Such is the attraction of the event that all the stalls have been booked, for our part we will be selling official merchandise, raffle tickets, Hook a Duck and our usual collection, although I understand that the door receipts (cost of entry) is to be donated to us. Stormy Stan will be in attendance.
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25/11 Woburn Sands Christmas Lights……….another annual event. Inside the Memorial Hall we will have a table selling our usual official merchandise and collections. Sheila is handling the stall but she needs company/help, I will attend after I have finished at the Reindeer Run, Stormy Stan will attend after he’s been to Tattenhoe.
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01/12 Stony Stratford Christmas Lights………After last year we cannot afford to miss this one. Again rather than using our gazebo we have taken a stall to sell official merchandise.

We’ll have Hook a Duck and our usual collections. Stormy Stan will be in attendance.
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09/12 Dickens of a Christmas. In Olney, yes folks it dressing up time. Stall holders are asked to be attired in a Dickensian manner to help with the general theme.
This is a full set up, as per Newport Pagnell, but it’s a good day out. Stormy Stan will be in attendance.
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Problems registering?  If so please contact us!

And that’s it (at the moment for 2012).

As you can see we do need your physical help, and your ongoing support is very much appreciated.

A further note for your nice new 2013 diaries is the 26th January.
There is to be a Sea Shanty Festival at York House, Stony Stratford, and the proceeds of that day (26/01) are to be donated to us.

Again official merchandise will be on sale, we have secured a RIB to raise the event profile and our old friend Stormy Stan will be jumping about. Our normal collections will also be held.

I am also in talks with Poole regarding another income “string” to do with the Raffle tickets. Hopefully everything will be in place before the above events take place.

And so life goes on, hopefully the weather in 2013 will be kinder to us than this year and our planned (yes they are planned) programme of events will go uninterrupted.

Thank you for taking the time reading this and I hope to see you at one of, or ideally all, the events coming soon.

Kind Regards

Rod Law
Chairman – RNLI Milton Keynes

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