Autumn update from Rod Law – Chairman of the branch

To all Committee Members, Volunteers, Collectors and Supporters.

Greetings and I hope you are all well, if like me you have been on holiday I hope you had a good and restful time and are now looking forward to supporting our forthcoming events.

For my part I visited Staithes in North Yorkshire as I have done for the past 5 years, helping them with their fundraising weekend. Not personally but the Gross receipt for the weekend was some £13000. This is more than we collect in a year.

Right, so what’s been happening? What have I been up to?
For those in the know you will be aware of SAFERMK.

Well part of this organisation is the Safer Water Section. Obviously we, as an organisation, are involved/interested in all matters to do with water safety. Along with Police, Fire, Ambulance together with Anglian Water, Canals & Rivers Trust, MK Council and the Parks Trust. I am indebted to Georgie Claridge (our Community Fundraising Manager) for her diligence and for keeping me in check at the meetings. Also via Georgie and ourselves SAFER have access to the experience of the RNLI and, and possibly more important access to the RNLI Education Team. The connection is ongoing with bi-monthly meetings.

Yes the year started off quite well, but then somebody turned on the universal sprinkler system in answer to the various water boards appeals. Trouble was nobody remembered to request it being turned off.

We lost some events as you probably may recall, but we have persisted,we have done some supermarkets and garden centres, but concentrating through the summer months on Parades and Fetes with a view to raising not only funds but our profile.

You will see from the web site that we have not been without success, by winning first place for our class, at the Newport Pagnell event.

We really do need your help. The easy part of these events is often getting a pitch but once the day arrives we need bodies, if it is a “collection” event it is simply a question of being strategically placed to entice (quietly) members of the public to part with their money. For the fetes and other events we need bodies to help erect the gazebo, set up tables, bunting etc.

I have some dates for the rest of 2012 for which we need help:

This forthcoming weekend 08/09.09 Woburn Oyster Festival (Gazebo, tables, sale of merchandise, children’s “hook a duck” game and general collecting).
16/09 Olney Raft Race (as above)
03/10 MK RNLI AGM (see web site for details) Come and have your say!!
24/11 Newport Pagnell Christmas Lights (as Woburn minus the ducks)
25/11 Christmas Gift Fayre (Tattenhoe)
25/11 Woburn Sands Christmas Lights
25/11 Reindeer Run at Woburn Abbey (National Event)
01/12 Stony Stratford Christmas Lights
09/12 Dickens of a Christmas in Olney.

We may “fill the gaps” with some Supermarket/Garden Centre Collections but these depend on Volunteer/Supporter response.

And now for 2013……….Oh yes the planning NEVER stops!!

Whoever attended our “musical” evening earlier this year cannot forget Five Men Not Called Matt. Well they are at it again. I have accepted a invitation for us to support the Stony Stratford Sea Shanty day on Saturday 26/01.

Everybody who attended will never forget the weather conditions we endured for the MK Marathon. Again my very sincere thanks to you all. In case you are wondering, it can’t be as bad in 2013, we’ve got it again. Not only Campbell Park but also a pitch for merchandise in the charity village complex at the MK Stadium. Because of a Rugby (yes Rugby….Northampton Saints use the facility for their bigger games) fixture the date for your diary is 06/05. Again ideally we will need some 30/35 bodies to cover the two sites.

Hopefully it will go ahead and we have a pitch (more like 3) at the Stoke Goldington Steam Rally. The dates, 11 & 12/05. (This is a BIG event)

Another regular event for us is the Great Linford Water Festival (again a big pitch).

Whilst we are talking of BIG events we have been invited, and I have accepted the challenge to take on BEACH 2013. This is when they fill Middleton Hall with hundreds of tons of sand, changing it into a seaside location……..without the water. Further details will be forthcoming once I’ve had my meetings, but provisional dates for this event are 27/07 – 01/09 yes the full length of the school holiday.

Needless to say the programme will be enlarged by inclusion of our usual Parades and Fetes (After all such is human nature that “if you’re not there you’re dead”)

On a personal note I have been proposed to join an RNLI Steering Group……….needless to say I have accepted.

With the AGM approaching I would like to again thank very much members of the FANTASTIC and DILIGENT committee I have been lucky enough to lead, the volunteers and supporters I have been fortunate enough to meet. Finally Georgie …..thank you for trust and confidence.

If anyone has any doubts I AM AVAILABLE FOR RE-ELECTION.

Hopefully it will be a case of “BRING IT ON” and I can finish the job.

Thank you.

Kind Regards

Rod Law
Chairman – RNLI Milton Keynes

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