Heat wave keeps Hunstanton RNLI crews busy – Four shouts in five hours!

H-003 (The Hunstanton Flyer)

H-003 (The Hunstanton Flyer)

Saturday, 18 August was a busy one for the crew of the Hunstanton Lifeboat, with four shouts to assist people in trouble.

2.45 pm Yarmouth Coastguard requested the launch of Hunstanton Hovercraft to assist in searching for a missing 4 year old girl, last seen on the beach at Old Hunstanton. Hunstanton volunteer crew launched and while searching along the tide line from the station towards Hunstanton it was reported that the girl had been found, and was safe and ok. While searching for this child a second child was reported to the lifeboat station as missing. Yarmouth Coastguard was informed. The child was later found, brought to the boathouse and reunited with her parents. Several children have been reported missing during this spell of hot weather.

3.55 pm Several people on the sandbank cut off by the incoming tide. Hunstanton Hovercraft was launched and five persons were taken on board the Hovercraft and landed on the beach into the care of the local Coastguard team. Visitors should be aware that the sandbanks may be inviting and easy to walk out to at low tide, but the retuning tide floods in very fast and one can soon be in deep trouble.

5.05 pm. Persons in water calling for “HELP” near Brancaster Golf Club House. Hunstanton Lifeboat and Hovercraft launched and proceeded to Brancaster and on arrival both craft carried out a search of the local area, around the wreck and Scolt Head. Yarmouth Coastguard received a report that a member of the public had assisted a father and his two young children out of the water. The father had been shouting for help, and was genuinely in need of assistance. This was checked out and the Coastguard was satisfied that these were the persons concerned. RAF Helicopter and Coastguard coastal units were also involved in the search.

7.45 pm. Hunstanton Hovercraft was launched to search for a child reported missing near the sailing club. Soon after launch the child was found safe and well and our Hovercraft was stood down and returned to Station.

Latest News released by Geoff Needham, Lifeboat Press Officer, Hunstanton Lifeboat Station.

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