Another busy day for the Hunstanton crew – 16 August 2012

At 3.40 pm Yarmouth Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton Lifeboat to a report of two children seen playing on the wreck of the Vina at Brancaster.   

RNLI volunteer crew launched and proceeded to the area. Yarmouth Coastguard reported that two boys were thought to be swimming across the main channel to the shore. 

The lifeboat was asked to proceed and check the situation.  On arrival the crew checked the entrance to Brancaster Harbour and the area around Scolt Head and back again. Nothing was found. After consultation with others the search was called off, and the lifeboat released to return to station.

The Vina, a 2nd world war target boat, lies on the sand off Brancaster and is like a magnate to visitors.  Visitors to the area should be aware that the tide floods in fast, cutting off their safe passage back to the shore. 

…and then a few hours later…..

At 7.12 pm Yarmouth Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton Hovercraft to a report of a person stuck in mud off Holbeach marshes.   Our Hovercraft launched at 7.20 pm and proceeded to the area.  At 7.45 pm Yarmouth Coastguard reported that the person had been released from the mud by the fire brigade and all units were stood down.  Our hovercraft returned to station at 8.00 pm.

Latest News released by Geoff Needham, Lifeboat Press Officer, Hunstanton Lifeboat Station.

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