Hunstanton Lifeboat Launch – Wednesday 1st August 2012

At 11.39 am Yarmouth Coastguard received a call from a 43ft Sloop, with two persons on board, that had run aground on a sandbank and was in danger of capsizing.

Hunstanton lifeboat was tasked to go to his aid. Hunstanton volunteer RNLI crew launched on service at 12.50 am and proceeded to the vessel’s position, given as the Roaring Middle sand bank.

A cargo vessel anchored nearby launched their sea boat and also went to assist.

Sea state was slight, wind southerly force 4, high tide was at 6.23 am today.  Hunstanton Lifeboat arrived on scene at 12.18 pm.  After assessing the situation, the crew decided to standby the vessel until he floated, and check that the Sloop was seaworthy to enable it continue on its passage.  He said that he was heading to Sutton Bridge.  It was understood from information given by the vessel, that he struck the bank with some force, and started to list badly, as he had a fin style keel, which unlike bilge keels, is not designed to sit on a bank.

At 2.50 pm Hunstanton lifeboat reported that the vessel had just floated off the bank and was heading for the deep water channel.  His intentions were to go to Sutton Bridge. No damage was reported at this time, and Hunstanton Lifeboat escorted him some of the way with one of the lifeboat crew on board the vessel checking it over.

Hunstanton lifeboat escorted him up river and left him in the care of Sutton Bridge Port.  Lifeboat returned to station at 5.30 p.m.

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