Hunstanton Lifeboat Launch – Monday 30 July 2012

Hunstanton lifeboat “Spirit of West Norfolk” - Atlantic 85

Hunstanton lifeboat “Spirit of West Norfolk”

Monday 30th July at 11.45am.  Yarmouth Coastguard requested the launch of Hunstanton Lifeboat to go to the aid of a kite surfer reported to be in trouble off Old Hunstanton.  As the lifeboat was about to enter the water, it was reported that the kite surfer had managed to get ashore minus his kite which was being blown out to sea.

Hunstanton RNLI volunteer launched and recovered the kite.  This was carried out to save any future concerns that could arise if the kite was left and later found by others. Though the kite was found the board was not. If found please report to the Coastguard or Lifeboat Station, where details can be matched.

Two days earlier on Saturday 28th July at 5.00 pm.  We were requested to make an immediate launch to swimmers in the water.  The mother of 4 young children aged between 11 yrs and 15 yrs had dialled 999 reporting the youngsters in trouble while swimming in the sea just in front of the boathouse.

As the crew were getting the boat ready, it was reported that all the youngsters were now out of the water and safe and the crew were stood down.

It is important for parents to know that the tidal current just off shore is very strong.

It is best that if they allow their children to go swimming, they advise them not to go too far out and keep within their depth.

Latest News released by Geoff Needham, Lifeboat Press Officer, Hunstanton Lifeboat Station

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