Update from the Chairman

(L-R) RNLI's CEO Paul Boissier, George Claridge and our Chairman Rod Law

(L-R) RNLI’s CEO Paul Boissier, George Claridge and our Chairman Rod Law

Hello Everybody,

Thought I’d best keep you updated.

It’s been quite a busy week, what with the “Fun Day” on Monday followed by two visits.

The first on Thursday evening was in Leighton Buzzard, it was the first Lifeboat Cluster group meeting for this area. It was conducted by our Community Fundraising Manager, Georgie Claridge.

I was accompanied by our Volunteer Secretary/Coordinator, Linda Morris and we met with Mike McMahon (our super Secretary) along with his lovely wife Sarah and Steve Thomas (our Box Secretary)

We were introduced to colleagues from Winslow & Buckingham Group and from Aylesbury & District Group.

Discussion and exchange of ideas followed and a Georgie was able to go through a variety of thoughts with regard to branches.

As you may recall I met with the organiser of the MK Marathon…..exciting times.
I have in my possession a ” pressy ” from the marathon for the volunteers who helped on the event……those involved know who they are and all you need to do is get to me, to collect it.

On Friday evening, again accompanied by Linda Morris, I travelled to Great Missenden for another event coordinated by Georgie Claridge with the Chiltern Group.

This was a talk by Paul Boissier (CEO of RNLI). Fantastic, informative and at times humorous accompanied by visual aides.

A good evening and I was able to give Mr Boissier copies of my “Profiles” document. (my ideas of what I feel about some of the actions ongoing within the Institution).

During the evening Mr Boissier was able to congratulate the Chiltern Group on their contribution to “the coffers” over the last year…….£60,000. We have a long way to go!!!!.

In closing I thank you for your recent support at events, BUT please remember more are coming up and I/we would ask for your continued help.

Thank you.
Kind Regards

Rod Law
Chairman  – RNLI Milton Keynes

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