MK Marathon Sunday 29th April

Dear Committee, Collectors, and friends!

Rod, our Chairman, would like helpers for the Marathon to bring lunch along and suitable clothing, eg sunhat or raincoat!

RNLI tabards will be provided. People with Photo ID should display their badges please.

If you can’t find the location, head for the gazebo or listen out for the band and walk towards them!

A map is attached showing the route, and our position in Campbell Park:  MK Marathon Route Map

RNLI items will be on sale at our stall for the spectators to purchase items. The runners will be too busy to buy our items!

Setting up

Anyone able to help from 10am would be welcome to set up gazebo and stall, put out signs, get water bottles into place etc.

Handing out bottles of water to the runners

Please arrive by 11.30.

If I don’t have your name on the list below, please contact Rod or myself ASAP please.

Any friends or family can help to hand out the water. Many hands make light work!

Some people have limited time that day – please come along to help for as long as you can.

If you have further questions please contact Rod – details below. Thanks

Linda Morris

RNLI Volunteers Co-ordinator MK Fundraising branch

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