Hovercraft rescues 2 persons cut of by Tide – 10 August 2017

At 5.46pm UK Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton Hovercraft to go to the aid of two people cut off by the tide on Scolt Head Island at Brancaster.

On arrival at the scene it was found that the two persons had crossed over to the Scolt Head Island. The middle aged couple were taken on board the hovercraft and landed on the beach near the Golf Club into the care of the Wells coastguard response team.   They apologized to the crew for getting into that situation but were thankful for their assistance.

On return to the station UK Coastguard requested the relaunch of our Hovercraft to assist in the search for a missing elderly gentleman. Coastguard units and the CG Helicopter plus Police were involved. The gentleman was found walking on the prom down towards Heacham and all units were stood down.

H.W. 6.02p.m.        Sea State calm.    Wind SE 1.  Vis good.

Visitors to the coast should be aware of the tide times. However tempting it is to cross over to the Island or walk out on to the marshes and banks, the tidal currents are strong as the tide turns and soon floods the creeks, cutting off your retreat.  Take Care.  Enjoy the beach, Respect The Water. Stay safe.

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Father and Daughters Lucky Escape – 8 August 2017


A father and his two young daughters on holiday in Hunstanton decided to venture out on to the sandbanks opposite the Oasis swimming pool.  They became cut off by the incoming tide and soon became out of their depth while returning to the beach, and were swept down towards Heacham by the strong current.  The younger girl believed to be about 8 yrs old was hanging on to her father’s neck, the other girl about 12 was also holding on.  UK Coastguard were informed and Hunstanton Hovercraft was launched.

Hunstanton RNLI Hovercraft Launched on service at 3.30pm. Whilst on route UK coastguard informed the Hovercraft that the persons were now ashore and in the care of the local Coastguard response team, but should carry on to the area and carry out a search to make sure all were accounted for.  A paramedic attended and checked the family over, the father had swallowed some water, but all were given the all clear.

H.W.  8.08pm.   Wind N2.  Weather Fine.   Vis. Good   Sea state slight

Our Sea safety advice to visitors.  Not to venture out onto the Flats or banks, at Hunstanton, Heacham or Snettisham.  However tempting, tides in this area go out over a mile on big Ebbs, when the tide turns the tidal

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