RNLI Lifeboat Launched to 2 people cut off at Titchwell Marsh – 2 December 2017

G-MCGE - Coastguard SAR helicopter (C) Hunstanton RNLI

At 5.45pm UK Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton RNLI Lifeboat to assist two people cut off by the tide at Titchwell Marsh.

On arrival at Titchwell the crew liaised with the local coastguard response team, and were directed to where the two persons were stranded by the tide.  Despite the efforts of the crew the lifeboat was unable to reach them. Two RNLI crew set off to walk to the casualties, but had to swim across a channel to reach them.  They reassured the middle aged couple who were accompanied by two spaniels.

The area they were in was inaccessible by our lifeboat or hovercraft and so a Helicopter was requested.   As the tide was ebbing fast, the lifeboat left the creek and waited off shore. Our two crewmen waited some forty minutes with the casualties until the helicopter arrived and lifted them off the marsh.

Our crew then swam and walked back across the channel with the two dogs and were picked up by the lifeboat and landed at the Brancaster Golf Club entrance into the care of the local coastguard team. Our crewmen then all returned to station a bit muddy at 7.30pm.  

The two persons, who were on holiday from the London area, were full of praise for the way the crews responded to their plight.

H.W.  5.18p m         Wind W1        Weather Cloudy   Vis. Good    Sea state calm

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Early Morning Shout for RNLI Crews – 17 November 2017


Rough weather recovery

Rough weather recovery

At 3.30am UK Coastguard requested the launch of the Hunstanton RNLI lifeboat to assist in the rescue of two boats that were in difficulties in the Wash.  Hunstanton lifeboat launched at 3.38am and arrived on scene at 4.42am.  They met up with the Skegness lifeboat, which had taken four persons on board their lifeboat and had one boat in tow.  Hunstanton lifeboat located the other vessel, a 21 ft yacht, and took that in tow.

The two persons on the yacht had run aground and had contacted a friend in Boston. He and another person went out from Boston in an angling boat to assist but developed engine problems.  They then contacted the Coastguard who paged the RNLI volunteer crews.  After a long tow to Boston, and waiting for the tide, our crew were able to recover the yacht to Boston. Our crew finally returned to station at 10.30am and made a rough weather recovery.

H.W. 10.44am.  Wind NW 5 to 6    Weather  Cloudy.  Vis. Good   Sea state rough

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